I am one of the privileged. I am healthy and I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Fitting in to a workplace though always came with challenges. I feel and see more of, and I react stronger to my environment than most people do whom I meet in various industries. This resulted in conflicts of various levels, leaving scars and misunderstandings behind. Eventually I ended up as a freelancer and that proved to be the best fit to my personality and needs.

People affected with one or more types of disability though struggle way more even to find a job, and the majority of them are certainly not in a position that they could start freelancing.

Only when I briefly assisted a project of an organization (Jamba) that works for the inclusion of people living with disabilities into the job market, I realized how ignorant I was of the topic. Thankfully, they also made me see that I can contribute to the cause, even if only in a tiny way. That is why I aim to make this website accessible for all, regardless of limitations.

If you belong to the PwD community and you struggle to access my content then do get in touch and let’s try to find a solution. I freely admit that I don’t know enough about the topic but I would like to implement what I can in order to make my site enjoyable to as many people as possible.

This is also a gentle reminder to every lovely reader, that we can all do our share to change the status quo.