Why culture?

Black, brown, white, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, atheist, and everyone in between, however one identifies themselves, are valued equally in my world.

Why do I feel the need to start a post this way that is supposed to promote my expertise on cultural topics, you may ask? It feels absurd to pronounce something so obvious. Sadly, it’s not the norm and it had probably never been in history.

I am writing this post ten days after Hamas attacked Israel (7 October 2023) and during this time it’s been proved again that human rights apply to all only under certain circumstances. That is, as long as it’s convenient for the white majority. I also belong to the white majority and I feel increasingly embarrassed about it because governments, human rights organizations, corporations, and friends alike either remain silent or they openly support the massacre of a nation that is not responsible for a terror attack committed by an extremist group. Palestinians are being dehumanized by the media worldwide, they are treated as a mass of terrorists. The Israeli victims receive the due respect and attention, but Palestinians seem to be worth nothing in the eyes of entire countries.

When I created this website I wanted it to 100% reflect my views and my personality, and I was determined to put my skills to good use. I wanted to promote the importance of diversity and to show how exciting it is to be exposed to ways of thinking different from our own. I am a sucker for learning, feel free to blame me for it. This determination though turned into a state of hopelessness as I watched the events and the response of the world to them unfold. What’s the point of doing anything at all? Humanity is doomed, words won’t help anymore. Even the small progress of the past decades seemed to be erased.

Then my vital instinct kicked in and now I want what I have started more than ever. It is needed more than ever. It may be pointless and I will surely not change the status quo. I can count myself lucky if my writings reach a few people and they find them inspiring to some extent. But the moment we stop fighting for what we believe in, life ends even if we are still breathing.

If my words resonate with you and you are interested in why I feel qualified to write about culture, here come the facts.

  • PhD degree in Inner Asian studies, with a focus on Tibet and Mongolia.
  • Master’s degree in African Studies, with an academic focus on the West and with an unwavering interest in everything Africa.
  • Fieldwork on several occasions ensured I learned the meaning of cultural awareness, showing me how easily the views that I was fed with since birth, can be proved wrong. Or right. Or just taken flexibly.
  • Academic and journalistic publications on the above regions in the US, UK, Mongolia, and Hungary.
  • As a native Hungarian, I studied and worked for longer periods in the UK and Mongolia, and I consider both my second home.
  • I continue travelling to tackle the unconscious biases that are still hiding within due to what I absorbed since my childhood, whether I wanted it or not.

In the context of culture, I can help you with the following types of writing:

  • articles
  • bios
  • blogs
  • case studies
  • op-eds
  • press releases
  • reports
  • slogans
  • white papers
A dove is set free from a pair of hands and flies away into the setting sun.

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