Hey, I am so glad you found me!

Your story deserves to be told and I’m here to craft it with finesse and creativity.

Do you want to introduce an aspect of a culture, its art, or do you feel that your artistic work deserves to be shared at last? Would you like to shine a light on a far-away destination? Are you dedicated toward mindfulness but you are too busy to translate it into words that could be shared on?

Let’s talk about how I can assist you.

I’m Adrienn, a researcher and writer by qualification and passion.

I started making up stories when I was six, in the form of fairy tales. This then turned into an obsession with reading about explorers and far-away continents like Africa and Asia, which for long felt legendary and beyond my reach.

My travellings and work experiences refined my interests and skills, and now I offer content writing services for museums, cultural organizations, travel agencies, artists, and those in general who work toward positive change.

I went to universities in Hungary, the UK, and Mongolia, and graduated in African and Inner Asian Studies. I even have a cool PhD degree, can you believe that? If you need a fairy tale though, I am more than happy to provide one!

Can you see how much I want to bring your story to life?

P.S. I love 100% dark chocolate. Sustainably and fairly made. Now that I am saying it… I would love to write about chocolate one day – from bean to bar!

My thoughts on things…

Adrienn Gecse, PhD

An incorrigible researcher, with a focus on the arts and culture of our immensely interconnected world, ready to share her experiences with those who want to bring more colour into their lives.

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